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CMS Acoustic Solutions Ltd - Does Tesco growth mean extra noise for neighbours?

The number of convenience stores in UK urban and suburban quarters is on the rise, with the expansion of Tesco Express receiving unprecedented attention. While supermarket chains are responsible for minimising the impact of these stores on neighbours, the onus is on retail developers to ensure buildings are adequately soundproofed.
In spite of this, internal noise is still a growing irritant for residents in adjoining properties. With 24/7 operations ever more likely, the wider social impact is beginning to close in.
To deliver stores that are up to standard, developers need to control noise levels from the outside in. By simply laying suitable acoustic flooring treatments in delivery areas right through to the shop floor, a storeís acoustic performance can be significantly enhanced.
Keeping neighbours onside isnít rocket science. Evaluating required acoustic performance at project outset against environmental conditions will curb the number of noise complaints post-completion.


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