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Attic roof system trussesAttic roof system trusses

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iLevel Trus Joist - Spatial Roof™ creates extra space in a third less time

Ease of construction and the ability to create extra useable space has won over a Yorkshire builder to Spatial Roof™ from iLevel™ Trus Joist®.
In developing a small site in Bradford, White Rose Property Services was looking to maximise the interior space of six three-storey semi-detached properties as well as addressing the problem of limited site access.
Working with iLevel™ Service Partner, CR Taylor, White Rose Property Services decided to trial the Spatial Roof™ system, which offers a simpler and quicker way to build attic roofs by creating an attic room as a separate floor and roof, rather than a combined unit. This means by installing the floor first, a permanent, stable and safe working platform for the erection of the pitched roof is formed.
“By opting for Spatial Roof™ we created approximately 25 to 30 per cent extra space, which gave us the option of adding two rooms instead of one on the top floor,” explained Mick Butler of White Rose Property Services.
“And because we were able to simply manhandle the Spatial Roof™ trusses into position, the first two properties were completed in just one day, compared to the three days it would have taken to hoist attic trusses into position by crane.
“Avoiding the use of a crane meant we didn’t have to worry about undertaking a health and safety risk assessment for its use or need to seek the local council’s permission to use it on a public highway, which would have been the case for the first two units.”
White Rose Property Services were so impressed with Spatial Roof™ the company is currently considering it on a number of other developments it has planned.


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