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Twyford Bathrooms - The Rimless Revolution - Twyford reinvent the toilet with a new rimless toilet

Twyford Bathrooms, inventors of the Unitas, the first flush down toilet, have once again broken the mould of toilet design with the launch of a truly rimless pan.
Unique to Twyford Bathrooms, the truly rimless WC (with patent pending) is exactly that; it has no covered rim, no hidden channels, no box section and no tubes.
There is no need for a rim because of a uniquely engineered water distribution system developed by Twyford Bathrooms that efficiently removes all waste as effectively as a traditional toilet. The self draining jets at the back of the bowl release water which flows entirely round the inside of the pan, and with no hidden rim or water jets, there is simply nowhere for the germs to hide. This makes the pan ultra hygienic and easy to clean (as well as fully HTM64 compliant for the commercial sector). This sets new standards for toilet hygiene, and could even sound the death knoll for toilet duck style cleaners everywhere!
The rimless pan was initially developed for the healthcare sector, where it forms part of Twyford Bathrooms’ redesigned Sola collection. However its potential for other markets is apparent, and will be extended into Twyford Bathrooms’ domestic ranges. The rimless pan will no doubt cause ripples in the bathroom market worldwide, and Twyford Bathrooms expect it to set a new standard in sanitaryware design and performance.
Ever committed to improving the environment, Twyford Bathrooms has also ensured that the Sola range is water efficient. Did you know that South East England has less water per person than Sudan or Syria? Or that London is drier than Istanbul? The rimless pan operates on a staggering 4 litres, which is 2 litres below the current water regulations. In the average household, this can translate to substantial savings which not only help save the environment, but also keep water bills down.
The rimless pan is also available as Avalon Rimless (450mm high), which, with its increased height, is compliant with Doc M which makes it suitable for use by disabled people. It also includes an HTM64 compliant blue seat for increased visibility with a standard white seat and cover as a general option.
Trust Twyford, with its 150 years’ experience in bathroom innovation, to reinvent the conventional design of the toilet. The rimless pan boasts excellent design and contemporary styling, but more importantly it has set new standards of hygiene and water efficiency in the bathroom industry, and has set a new benchmark for toilet design the world over.


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