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Licenced recycling waste disposal sitesLicenced recycling waste disposal sites

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NetRegs Waste Directory helps the construction industry clean up

A Waste Directory that shows small businesses in the construction industry where to find licensed sites for recycling or disposing of their waste is being launched today (Monday 19 March) by NetRegs, the government website that provides clear guidance on environmental regulations.
The NetRegs Waste Directory is free, interactive and easy to use. Users can search online by postcode or town and type of waste, and will be directed to appropriate local waste management sites. The sites can be located using an electronic map that shows which are closest and highlights those offering recycling facilities.
The Directory allows businesses to search by waste type, including paints and solvents, end-of-life vehicles, cardboard, batteries, building waste, chemicals, glass, office waste and packaging.
The launch marks the start of NetRegs’ new campaign to help small businesses find out about environmental legislation, comply with the regulations and avoid the risk of prosecution. It is encouraging the UK’s 190,000 small businesses in the construction industry to visit the website ( to check out environmental regulations, wise up to their responsibilities and clean up their businesses. Once online, users can also sign up to receive email alerts specific to their business type and keep up-to-date on environmental legislation.
“Over 300 businesses were prosecuted in 2005 because they did not meet environmental regulations,” says Richard Martin, NetRegs Programme Manager. “Small businesses in construction may not realise the harm they are doing by failing to comply. What seem like minor infringements on their own can add up to cause real harm when lots of small businesses are making them.
“It is also important that businesses operate with a view to the long term. For example, in some areas of England it is estimated that there are now fewer than five years of landfill left, so if we continue at the current rate, we will clearly hit problems. We know that many businesses within the construction industry are working really hard to do their bit and our Waste Directory will support them in that – we’re giving them everything they need to know about how to find licensed waste management sites.”
“Small businesses may be failing to comply with environmental legislation simply because they aren’t aware of what they need to do, and that’s a situation that benefits nobody,” says John Holbrow, Environmental Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses. “We applaud NetRegs for producing this Waste Directory, which we believe will provide a really important resource for small businesses. By giving them the information they need about where to recycle or dispose of their waste, NetRegs will help small businesses to take vital steps towards avoiding the risk of fines for failing to comply.”

NetRegs is a free, anonymous website that provides clear guidance on environmental regulations for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It gives them information they need to operate in a legal and environmentally responsible way and saves them time by providing plain language guidance.

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