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Architectural exterior stainless steelArchitectural exterior stainless steel

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IMOA Introduces new case studies and updates its groundbreaking stainless steel selection system

The International Molybdenum Association (IMOA) has continued to expand its groundbreaking evaluation system for selecting appropriate stainless steels for exterior applications. The point system introduced in the IMOA publication:  "Which Stainless Steel Should Be Specified for Exterior Applications?" was recently updated as the result of new research showing that de-icing salt travels much further from roadways than previously thought. IMOA has also added additional information to several of its existing case studies (01 through 09) and has added two new case studies based on the scoring system.IMOA's new case studies 10 and 11 describe demanding applications in New York and London. Case study 10 evaluates the performance of stainless steel waterfront and pier railings on the brackish East River. Case study 11 showcases steel exterior of the Thames Barrier, which continues to look spectacular after 24 years of service despite its exposure to brackish water. Everyone involved in stainless steel selection for architectural outdoor applications should read these publications before their next project.IMOA's free computer program provides an interactive version of the stainless steel selection system. It can be run from the IMOA website ( or downloaded for use on your computer (Mac and Windows formats). The program walks you through the scoring system and allows you to adjust parameters such as surface finish to determine their influence on stainless steel selection. It was also recently updated to reflect the changes to the printed version of the evaluation system. Whether or not you use this software, IMOA's website provides links to the weather, pollution, and other information used in the scoring system.


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