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Thermal insulation glare free lightThermal insulation glare free light

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Cabot Corporation - Nanogelģ Aerogel optimises thermal insulation and natural light at new sports centre

Using multi-wall polycarbonate sheet insulated with Cabot Corporationís translucent Nanogel aerogel for the external walls of a new sports complex has provided uniform glare-free light and excellent thermal insulation, reducing capital costs and heating requirements.
Approximately 1450m≤ of insulated PC sheet has been used at the new Souchaix sports complex in France, which has been designed to minimise environmental impact. Filling the 25mm voids in the sheet with Nanogel has produced a U-value of 0.89 W/m≤.K, which has reduced the capital and running costs of the heating system and provided 55 per cent light transparency, resulting in uniform glare-free light inside the building.
The PC sheet/Nanogel solution avoided the need for heavy-duty louvres to control sunlight within the building, which would have cost at least £50,000 more and spoilt the uniform, abstract design desired. The PC/Nanogel panels were supplied for the project in a standard width of 1.05 metres and lengths up to six metres.
Nanogel is a silica-based aerogel weighing only 60-80 kg/m≥ with very effective thermal and sound insulation performance, while allowing light to pass through. It is also permanently hydrophobic, resisting moisture uptake and mildew formation.


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